Advanced Compassion Retreat, Thailand 2019

This retreat is fully booked. We are considering a new retreat in 2019, please contact us if you are interested.

Compassion: “A sensitivity to the suffering of self and others, with a deep commitment to try to prevent and relieve it”

After three wonderful Mindful Compassion Retreats in Thailand we are happy to finally be able to present our new advanced retreat in Thailand with Dr. Chris Irons in February 2019.

The 5-day program will build upon the experiences of the original mindful compassion retreat, the ideas and practices from Compassion Focused Therapy (Gilbert, 2009, 2014; Gilbert & Irons, 2005; Irons & Beaumont, 2017) and mindful compassion (Gilbert & Choden, 2013). During the five days we will focus on deepening and elaborating the qualities and skills of the ‘compassionate mind’, working more in depth with self-criticism, difficult emotions and other challenging aspects of human life.

The retreat is designed for practitioners who have previous been on our Mindful Compassion Retreat or have training and experience in working with compassion equivalent to the training acquired on our retreats. The retreat is experiential and practice-based and the focus is even more than the previous retreats on the application of mindful compassion in relation to self-reflection and personal development aiming to facilitate growth and wellbeing on a deeper level.

To secure a common starting point for all participants, bookings from practitioners who have not participated in our previous retreats with Dr. Chris Irons can require some proof of prior Mindful Compassion training and/or practice.

Building on our previous training, the 5-day program will provide in depth experiential compassionate mind training, preparing you to work with difficult and challenging aspects of life, and also to embrace positive emotions and wellbeing.

This advanced retreat will include work on:

Deepening Wisdom: 
We will continue to look at some of the ideas and psychoeducation linked to the CFT model, and in particular, consider how this can apply to our own lives; we’ll explore in to the idea of social mentalities and common humanity of difficulties that we face as humans in life.

Mindfulness practice:
Deepening of the here-and-now, with particular emphasis on how mindfulness can support the compassionate mind and developing open awareness practices.

Using the body to help the mind:
Exploring in more detail how body focusing, movement, settling and physiological processes create the grounding for the compassionate self.

Compassion cultivation and focusing: 
Having further cultivated the compassionate self, we will spend time directing and focusing this. There will be three key foci here:

  • Turning the compassionate self to work with difficult emotions and aspects of self we find troubling or distressing.
  • Working on development of positive affect and loving kindness practices.
  • Exploration of more advanced practices (E.g. Tonglen).

Evason Resort & Spa, Hua Hin, Thailand
You will be staying 7 nights at the five-star Evason Resort and Spa in Hua Hin, Thailand. We have carefully chosen Evason for the retreat, as this resort offers an unique possibility for peace and concentration which will support the personal development process during the staying.
Evason is a part of Six Senses Resorts & Spa, which offers fantastic experiences at some of the world’s best resorts. Six Senses is synonymous with subdued luxury, authenticity and sustainability adapted to local conditions. Evason in Hua Hin has just undergone a complete renovation and the resort offers harmonious surroundings with graceful nature, fantastic gastronomy and exquisite personal service. There will be an abundance of opportunities for the pampering of all senses during your stay. You can read more about the resort at www.sixsenses.com

About Dr. Chris Irons:
Dr. Chris Irons is a clinical psychologist, academic, author and trainer of CFT. He is co-director of Balanced Minds (www.balancedminds.com),  a London based organisation providing compassion-focused psychological interventions for individuals and organisations. He also works with the Compassionate Mind Foundation, a charitable organisation aiming to: “Promote wellbeing through the scientific understanding and application of compassion”, and as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Derby.  Chris has been involved in supporting Professor Gilbert and other colleagues in the development of CFT, and regularly presents in national and international forums on CFT and more broadly, compassion. Chris is the co-author of the “The Compassionate Mind Workbook: A step-by-step guide to developing your Compassionate Self” published in 2017

Dr. Chris Irons will be responsible for the five days of training, teaching, self-development and inspiration based on CFT.

Compassion Focused Therapy

CFT is an integrate approach developed by Professor Paul Gilbert. It is rooted in evolution theory, neuroscience, social- and developmental psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness. The approach was originally developed for people with high levels of self-criticism and shame, who tended to make less progress in traditional therapeutic approaches. Shame, self-criticism and difficulties in managing emotions are known to have an important role in keeping a certain psychological condition. CFT’s focus on development of empathy and self-care has proven effective in treating across diagnosis and therapy methods. CFT is now used for a broad variety of clinical presentations. Crucially, CFT emphasises the importance for practitioners to consider how this model – the insights into human suffering and distress, along with compassion based approaches to alleviating this distress – applies to themselves.


Pratical information

From the 23th February to the 2nd March 2019.
The workshop runs from the 25th February to the 1st March 2019.

21.500 DKK until 1st January 2018. After this date the price is 22.900 DKK.

Flight not included.

The rate includes accommodation for 7 nights in single room at Evason Resort and Spa in Hua Hin, 5 days workshop and retreat-program, daily breakfast, lunch on workshop days and 3 dinners, massage and yoga.

It is possible to upgrade to a 2 persons pool villa at an additional charge equal to € 750.

If you wish to share a double room with another participant, a reduction in price is possible. Call or e-mail us to hear more.

It will be possible to extend your stay in Thailand. Mindwork has an agreement with the resort that offers you advantageous prices for additional nights.

* The fee in Euro is converted from the price in DKK, which is at all times the one that applies. There can therefore be slight adjustments in the € price.


“Chris lives and breathes compassion and there is no better teacher than one who walks his talk. The depth of learning from this programme is encouraging me to become the best version of myself.” Tatjana Walters, 2017.

“This Mindfull Compassion Retreat is the best thing I have ever done for myself. After a week with a completely well organised program in amazing surroundings, I am leaving Thailand with gratitude, strength, wisdom and great compassion to myself. Chris is the perfect instructor and the organizers have been fantastic. It has been a complete experience.” Lisette Bjerregaard, 2017. 

“The Mindful Compassion Retreat 2017 gave me an indescribable opportunity to learn about compassion both personally and professionally. The instructor, Chris, has been extremely competent and there has been a good mix between theory, exercises and contemplation. The course facilitators are clearly passionate about what they do and it is wonderful to be around people, who have a natural interest in making their guests feel good.” Kirstine Nørrelykke, 2017.

“Chris is authentic, knowledgeable and caring. The best teacher i have ever met, and I have met quite a few. If you are ready to look at and challenge yourself, this retreat is amazing and a fantastic opportunity for development both personally and professionally.” Susanne Vineke, 2017

“This Mindful Compassion Retreat has been a defining moment in my life and for my future. THANK YOU!” Hanne Otte, 2016

“This retreat brings development both privately and professionally. The perfect match between the two results in a complete a feeling of perfection”. Tove L., 2016

“It has been a lovely and fantastic experience. It has given me more insights into myself and I know I will be able to work more authentic with compassion in the future.” Puk E., 2016

“The concept about mindful compassion is important to share in many professional areas, where we work with other people. It gives you food for thought, that can be used in many aspects of life – both professionally and privately.” Pia Muller, 2016

“Wonderful retreat! Good instructor with the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical know how. Fantastic surrounding with room for reflection and growth. Nobody will leave here without valuable insights”.  Louise Harboe, 2016.

“A great retreat, professionally organised and presented. A week to spend time on yourself and learn and practice tools to be more compassionate to ourselves and others. All conducted in a great environment. Take time for your self, this retreat allows it”. Cheryl Cornelius, 2016.

“The training was very well balanced and helped in staying alerted, focused and able to learn and integrate the learning. Take this time to go away and immerse yourself in this training”. Judy Vidulich, 2016.

“A lifechanging experience! This was really a retreat. I will contain all my memories from here, and I’m sure it will prevent any burnout. What a wonderful group experience with dedicated and motivated retreat facilitators”. John Lerche, 2015.

“The Mindful Compassion retreat is the experience of a lifetime – it has provided me with a deeper understanding of the struggles of life and how to both accept and alleviate suffering in myself and my loved ones. I highly recommend this retreat.” Michaela Thomas, 2015.

Ideal blend of theory, personal development, social/private life, food, drinks and warmth! You don’t have to know about Mindful Compassion beforehand to learn it”. Christian Frøkjær Thomsen, 2015.

“This retreat was a truly amazing experience. The mix between theory and experiential practice allowed me to fully understand the model and myself. The experience on the retreat has helped me to understand myself greater which in turn can help me to help the people that I work with too. The experience of being in Thailand in an lovely setting also allows you to experience the deep and dark places that your mind can go to and fully understand difficult emotions such as shame. I would really recommend this retreat to any practitioner wanting to not only understand themselves deeper but also to help the people that they work with”. Sunil Lad, 2015.